Meapless in Seattle
Season 1, Episode 40 & 41
Meap on top of the needle
Air date TBA
Written by Jon Colton Barry

Kyle Menke

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While Phineas, Ferb and Meap are in the backyard, what is likely the claw of a giant robot crony of Mitch attempts to smash them. They narrowly avoid the attack.

Mitch threatens to destroy the universe as we know it. Phineas and Ferb team up with Meap to stop him.Candace joins in, but is nearly killed when she is nearly thrown off the plane during an attack from Mitch. She is saved only by Ferb, who manages to grab hold of her hand in the nick of time.

After ramming Meap's ship numerous times, Mitch turns his ship towards Seattle.

Major Monogram fires Perry while Carl controls his arms, and Perry throws his chair at the screen in rebellion. Doofenshmirtz and Mitch encounter Balloony in in a red and white fighting suit holding two pikes in a fighting stance.

In the Flynn-Fletcher house, Stacy observes with a quizzical look on her face while Candace reacts with distress to the discovery that Jeremy will be there with her. Meap finds himself standing on top of the Space Needle and the viewers are left in suspense.

Source: Phineas and Ferb Wiki


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